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El Bravo and the Magic Sneakers is an exciting new animated feature film project   It's a modern fairy tale based in New York's Latino community "El Barrio."  This modern Robin Hood adventure set to Latin rhythms and melodies is in English and intended for adult and young audiences alike.

There has never been anything like it.  In fact, El Bravo promises to be the first modern animated feature with an Hispanic theme intended for both Latino and general audiences.

It's a fantasy of good over evil with a positive message for all Americans:  "You can if you think you can!"   Read the story in a nutshell here.

Animated films all begin with a "storyboard" a series of sketches picturing the scenes in order. We've encapsulated the story into a brief video, using such sketches.

Also, songs for the movie have already been written, and you can hear musical samples here.

The creators (screenplay and songs) are veterans of the New York theatre.  The project has been a collaboration among Hispanic and non-Hispanic writers, musicians and artists.

Viva El Bravo!


Watch Video      Storyboard Sketch Presentation (Windows Media)

              (Hi Quality video.  Allow extra time to load.)