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Cancer Patient Resource Program . . .

Your Fourth Choice
Killing Cancer Cells with Paw Paw
- that Little Known Treatment that Grows on Trees

Getting the book to cancer patients: How it works . . .

The Author and Publisher feel that this is an especially important book. The information in Your Fourth Choice could extend and even save many lives. But the book is useless unless it gets into the hands of those who could benefit - the cancer patients.

So a program has been set up whereby legitimate cancer patients can apply to receive the book at NO COST to themselves.

In order to finance this program we have set up a FUND to pay for the printing and distribution of books to qualified patients. 100% of the funds donated will go to the printing and shipping of the books. No administrative or labor costs will be deducted from the Fund. Every penny will go directly to the printing and shipping of Your Fourth Choice.

Books can only be shipped when there is a sufficient balance in the Fund.

Do you want to help? Donate now. Payments are secure, through PayPal (Use your Credit Card or your PayPal account).

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Cancer Patients
Are you currently undergoing treatment for cancer, and would like to receive a copy of Your Fourth Choice?
Fill out this simple Application Form:
(All information supplied is confidential.)

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Here's a sample - Table of Contents, Preface, Chapter One

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