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"Your Fourth Choice"
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John Clifton, author of Your Fourth Choice, is an experienced media guest. He has written two other books about consumer health issues and has been interviewed many times on radio and TV. 



Sample Reactions from Media Hosts

"A great interview! John Clifton is a wealth of knowledge I was proud to share with WFAN listeners. Our discussion not only piqued the audience's interest but kept them hanging on through a 40 minute phone outage!"
Bob Salter, The Bob Salter Show, WFAN AM/FM, New York, NY    

“John Clifton’s story of how he successfully fought his wife’s ‘terminal’ cancer by using a little-known remedy that grows on trees is nothing short of talk radio gold. He’s a riveting guest who has seemingly done the impossible. Listeners and viewers will be on the edge of their seats. Don’t waste another moment—book John now!”
Al Parinello, Former owner WJSE-FM; former national radio talk show host/producer WMCA, New York City; author of On the Air: How to Get On Radio and TV Talk Shows and What to Do When You Get There

“Even people involved in medicine don’t seem to know about paw-paw. John gives a very interesting history.”
     —Don Briscoe, The Don Briscoe Show, KSDN Radio, Aberdeen SD

“As a cancer survivor myself, John Clifton is 'spot on' with his remission-oriented program. He is a great guest and it was a great call-in show.”
     —Michael Dresser, host of The Michael Dresser Show, BlogTalkRadio.

"John Clifton, Your book is a must for anyone dealing with cancer in both humans and dogs... You have unfortunately been dealt some bad "hands" in your life... You rolled up your sleeves, dug in and rose above them to help so many more humans and our furry four legged kids with your books. You are a true blessing and the world is truly a better place and in better health for it... I thank you!"
       —K. Riopel ("Katie K9"), host of The Katie K9 Show, MyTalk Radio, St. Paul MN

Here are some media tools you may find helpful.

  Media Materials    
  Capsule bio of John Clifton  
  For Immediate Release (PDF)  
  For Immediate Release (.doc)  
  Flier with all the vital info (PDF)  
  Hi-res JPEG images. Clifton portrait, TV screen shot, Book  
  Includes Contents, Preface, and Chapter One (PDF)  
  Submit request for a Review Copy of the book. (A short form)  
  Uncopyrighted, editable MS-Word file.  
  Suggested questions for interview hosts  
  Email  John Clifton  




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